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They lied about their crime records.

"The youth at Mille Lacs Academy are receiving treatment and learning how to understand and change their behavior. They are not locked in the facility because they are not felt by referral sources or us to be a danger. Even so, safety is of paramount concern to us; we provide virtually constant supervision. "As a result, in the last decade, we have had only one incident, a youth stealing a car while on run from the campus. He did not harm anyone and returned to the program the same day."  

Nexus propaganda

These are the types of lies we have been told by Nexus and the Onamia city council. We've been assured that these juveniles are not dangerous, they've just behaved inappropriately. We've been told that the boys don't escape, they just get confused about their program and wander off once in awhile - usually with their counselors in tow. The Mille Lacs Academy likes to present themselves as a non profit treatment center whose mission is to help poor troubled boys - good kids who volunteer to help senior citizens in the community. (And of course, they are very well behaved in church.) The name "Academy" itself sounds like some sort of military school, instead of what it really is: an institution for convicted sex offenders.

We believe that the only reason that Nexus admits to the "one instance" is because one of the Bradbury neighbor who opposes the forced invasion and building of the $14 million dollar sex offender facility in his back yard who indeed had his vehicle stolen by an escaped Mille Lacs Academy runaway. So they couldn't deny it.

"in the last decade, we have had only one incident"

We found a few more...

Check out our 9 page compilation of Onamia Police and Mille Lacs County 911 calls. They take a long time to load, but please be patient. They're well worth the wait!


911 call summary

Record of individual calls

Department of Corrections Reports


Mille Lacs County Commissioners bought the lies and paid for them with your taxpayer money.



Mayor Larry Milton and the city council knew we were being lied to.

And said nothing. They conspired with the corporation who would say and do anything to get what they wanted.


Send Out the Clowns!

The Onamia City Council lied to us about the Mille Lacs Academy sex offenders.